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Straight razor Restorations

Restore your vintage straight razor

Many prefer vintage straight razors over modern straight razors. Apart from the history that comes with each cutthroat straight razor there is the steel makeup itself which cannot be recreated because the worlds steel stocks rotate using different compounds. A great example of this is vintage Sheffield steel. This carbon steel can deliver outstanding edges. The metal can seem somewhat malleable on the hones as opposed to some modern steels which tend to be more brittle. Hence many seek out the vintage Sheffield wedge straight razors because they are renown for producing exceptionally smooth edges.

Edge Dynamics offers a full restoration service. Every straight razor is an individual case. Please call to discuss or forward your photos to Edge Dynamics for options and estimates.

straight razor restoration service includes

Full or Superficial Re-Grinding / Polishing with compounds including Greaseless & Rouges.

Edge restoration: Including chips / Frowns / Smiles / Hooked Heels

Custom Scales made from materials such as: Hard Woods / Stabilized Woods / Plastics / Horn / Bone
Customized wedges & Collars


When looking to buy a vintage straight razor for use there are factors to consider.

Hone wear is important. This is the wear caused by sharpening a straight razor on an abrasive hone. Years ago, electrical tape was not available to protect the spine, therefore, spines became worn which can affect the geometry of the straight razor.

Condition is of great importance. Pitting or rust near the bevel can be a big problem, not allowing the bevel to become set correct and proper.

Geometry is sometimes overlooked and impossible to judge unless the razor is in hand. Looking down the spine for alignment is good practice. Placing the blade face on a flat surface and touching all four corners (nose/heel) individually searching for any wobble or unevenness.

No vintage razor is guaranteed to be able to take an edge. This is why it is good practice to establish a bevel set on a vintage straight razor before any restoration work is carried out.

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